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Starting conversations around mental health can be challenging. More often than not, simply asking a question and showing you genuinely care will be enough to start the conversation, even if not with the perfect words. In this issue of TD at Work, Catherine Wemette guides readers in helping others understand the importance of focusing on mental health in the workplace and how to do that by:

  • Explaining the scope of mental health
  • Outlining how talent development professionals, managers, and others can begin mental health conversations in the workplace
  • Offering tips for understanding when TD professionals and others in the organization need to escalate the conversation to a trained healthcare professional

Tools & Resources in this issue are a mental health conversation tip sheet and a list of mental health resources as well as bonus Active Listening Training Exercises and a bonus Mental Health Awareness Worksheet.

Note: This issue of TD at Work is not intended to provide professional mental healthcare advice but rather to guide workplace conversations around supporting better mental well-being.

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This is fantastic and quite timely!
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