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Many industries today are putting humans at the center of the business. The same is true for L&D. Use the Moments That Matter in Corporate Learning Framework to put people at the center of learning. In this issue of TD at Work, Marek Hyla, Ariel Wrona, Grzegorz Plezia, and Natalia Kmieć-Braun explain the six moments, associated experiences, and the individuals involved who are part of the learning journey. Further, they:

  • Detail why each moment is important and how to create an effective experience.
  • Suggest questions to ask learners along the way to create the best learning journey.
  • Offer considerations that can facilitate or detract from learning.

The Tools & Resources in this issue is the Moments That Matter checklist for instructional designers.

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ISBN: 9781953946911
Pages: 20
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 252211
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