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Code of ethics (CoE)—an outline of organization’s values and its desire to conduct business with integrity—have been around since AD 275. And although leaders—and employees—may believe the ethical documentation is appropriate for a company to have, they may be hesitant to invest the time and resources to create and implement it. In this issue of TD at Work, Robbi-Lynn Watnik guides you in how to create awareness and understanding with employees and stakeholders about a code of ethics. Further, she details:

  • Reasons for creating and implementing a CoE
  • How to identify stakeholders and the level of training they require
  • Training and communication tools to consider
  • Ideas for measuring training efficacy

Tools & Resources in this issue are an annual communication training calendar template and an incident communication plan template.

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ISBN: 9781952157899
Pages: 20
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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