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Communication skills are critical in the workplace. One less-frequently-discussed skill is the ability to persuade others. While some individuals will use the words persuading and influencing interchangeably, there is a nuanced difference in that influencing involves a set of behaviors over time and often includes a title rather than using a specific skill set in one situation. In this issue of TD at Work, Grace Torre details how to improve your persuasion skills and consider actions in the longer term to influence others. She discusses:

  • The difference between persuasion and influence
  • Skills to persuade effectively
  • The benefits of persuasion and influence
  • Tips for using emotional intelligence to persuade and influence others
  • How to put persuasion and influence into action

Tools & Resources in this issue are a persuasion in action tip sheet, persuasion preparation worksheet, and checklist for collaborating with naysayers.

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ISBN: 9781953946478
Pages: 20
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