A group of five people putting a set of four oversized puzzle pieces together. From left to right: a person stands midway up a ladder, holding the top left piece; a person on the ground, next to the bottom left piece, holds the top left piece from the bottom so others can lift it; a person standing on the bottom left piece grasps the top left as the people on the ladder and the ground lift it; a person standing on the bottom right piece grasps the top right piece; a person standing next to the bottom right piece lifts the top right piece from underneath so the person grasping it can shift it into place. Bubbles, gears, and plus signs float in the background.
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Research shows that a team’s structure does the heavy lifting when it comes to team effectiveness. Understand and facilitate team coaching, whether within the TD function or with other departments. In this issue of TD at Work, Treca Stark Bourne and Krister Lowe will discuss how to:

  • Confirm that a team is real, create a compelling purpose, and determine the right talent.
  • Ensure a sound team structure and identify a team coach.
  • Make the case for using a science-backed team effectiveness framework.
  • Review case studies of teamwork, highlighting the six conditions of team effectiveness in practice.

The Tools & Resources in this issue are a Compelling Team Purpose Template and a Team Charter Template.

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ISBN: 9781960231031
Pages: 20
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 252405
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