Three business professionals climb a ladder to a door into a desktop computer. The computer has four other employees in a virtual learning format.
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Needs assessments, a systematic process for determining and addressing gaps between current conditions and desired outcomes, have changed. Needs assessments and training needs assessments are important parts of our jobs that we must do and do well. If not, the end performance improvement product won’t meet learners’ or the business’s needs, and the assessment will be a huge waste of time, money, and trust for all involved. In this issue of TD at Work, Beth McGoldrick explains:

  • How a needs assessment is different today
  • How today’s workforce affects needs assessments
  • How to collect data no matter where stakeholders are
  • How to communicate the need for this assessment
  • How to develop solutions based on the assessment

The Tools & Resources in this issue are an Adjusted Needs Assessment Tracking Sheet and a Stakeholder Information Worksheet.

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