A multicolored prism
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Chances are you know at least one person in your workplace, social life, or family who is considered neurodiverse. Statistically speaking, there is a strong likelihood that your organization currently employs individuals with neurodivergent brains. Are you and your company taking the steps to maximize their effectiveness and employee experience? In this issue of TD at Work, Beth McCormack provides thought starters, information, and tools for people leaders and talent development professionals to better understand neurodivergent people and help them and neurotypical individuals together create a strong, productive, and healthy organization. Further, she explains:

  • Why employers should include neurodiversity in their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies
  • Ways to remove barriers for neurodiverse workers
  • Reasons companies should actively recruit individuals with neurodivergent minds to strengthen the business

Tools & Resources in this issue are a neurodiversity inclusion strategy assessment worksheet and an individual inclusion and development plan template.

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ISBN: 9781953946638
Pages: 20
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