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A sustainable measurement and evaluation process can help a workplace learning professional maintain their relevance to multiple stakeholders, increase their chances to survive and thrive in difficult times, and raise their credibility as a future-focused, strategic partner. But staying on track is especially difficult in today’s fast-paced business climate with its advancing technology and moving targets.

As with any process improvement effort, consistent attention, dedicated focus, and perpetual motion must be maintained to go the distance.

This Infoline will show you:

  • the characteristics of a sustainable measurement process
  • how you can assess the maturity of your own measurement process
  • the common stages of development in the journey toward sustainability
  • how to enhance the durability of your own practice through specific strategies
  • how to anticipate and manage common risks and barriers to implementation.

This month’s issue also provides case studies that show readers how they are able to use the strategies in real-life situations, and poses questions you can ask yourself about your own organization’s M&E process.

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ISBN: 9781562868857
Pages: 20
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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