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A diverse workplace isn’t necessarily an inclusive one. An inclusive workplace doesn’t just feature employees from a variety of backgrounds; it ensures that all those employees are treated with respect.

In “Building Blocks of Workplace Inclusion,” Evelina Silveria and Jill Walters take you through the process of creating and implementing an inclusion strategy. This issue of TD at Work shares best practices for employee-friendly workplaces. Then, it discusses some of the roadblocks and challenges you may encounter and how to surmount them.

This issue includes:

  • reasons why workplace inclusion is important
  • sample mission, vision, and value statements
  • guidance for workplace inclusion committees
  • tips for successful mentoring programs
  • a checklist of employee-friendly workplace practices.
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ISBN: 9781562867423
Pages: 24
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 251707
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