TD at Work Cover Develop Management Skills With the ACCEL Model
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Research shows that effective managers demonstrate five key skills: accountability, collaboration, communication, engagement, and listening and assessing. These practices make up the ACCEL model—a framework to help new and experienced managers develop the skills they need.
In “Develop Management Skills With the ACCEL Model,” Katy Tynan delves into these five skills, offering examples of what they look like in practice and tips for building them. The issue follows two employees as they plan an event together and considers how their manager might make the best use of their skills and deal with any bumps in the road.
This issue of TD at Work includes:

  • examples of what not to do when listening
  • a matrix for motivating employees according to their levels of willingness and ability
  • the who, what, when, where, and how of effective communication
  • a discussion of common biases and how they affect managers
  • creativity killers and motivators
  • templates for planning how to achieve goals.
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