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When employees gain new knowledge, they can become more empowered and engaged in their work. But the knowledge needs to be relevant and useful. Microlearning—training delivered in short bursts—can provide the just-in-time learning employees need. “Microlearning to Boost the Employee Experience” explains how to build a microlearning library to promote effective workplace training. Author Elise Greene Margol shares why microlearning is valuable and provide tips for creating suitable content for a microlibrary.

In this TD at Work issue, you will find:

  • examples of successful microlearning initiatives
  • steps for building a microlearning program
  • suggested learning assets for a microlibrary
  • instructional design tips
  • a tool for assessing whether microlearning is the right choice.
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ISBN: 9781562867652
Pages: 24
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 251701
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