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Here are a few of the questions author Jeannette Campos suggests asking yourself to effectively create a learner-centered classroom:

As an instructor, am I encouraging interaction among my learners whenever possible? Is my content formatted in the most engaging way? Have I created opportunities for the learner to reflect on the learning process?

Only in a learner-centered classroom can you foster the four types of learning relationships: learner-to-instructor, learner-to-content, learner-to-learner, and learner-to-self.

This TD at Work will explain:

-the four relationships within a classroom, whether online or face-to-face
-the qualities of healthy, high-performing classroom relationship
-show different teaching methods (for example, podcasts, peer review, and asking questions) can strengthen learner-centered relationships
-the four-part learning objectives to design learner-centered instruction.

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