Aaron King

Aaron King is a master instructional designer and e-learning developer. As an expert in learning strategy and implementation, he works as a solutions engineer for Blackboard. He is also a facilitator for the Association for Talent Development as well as, a professor of Media Arts at MIU, and a learning experience consultant for Snack Size Learning, LLC.

As part of his learning toolkit, Aaron leverages a wide variety of disciplines including adaptive learning, personalized learning, microlearning, storytelling, virtual/augmented reality, and gamification, to optimize learning experiences for adult learners and organizational learning.  

He is a doctoral candidate in Education and holds an Education Specialist degree in Personalized and Competency-based Instruction. Also, Aaron has earned master’s degrees in Education: Media, Design & Technology, Business: Music/Entertainment, and Instructional Design. Also, Aaron has undergraduate degrees in IT and business, along with graduate and post-graduate certificates in filmmaking, game design, and technology. 

Before his current roles, he worked as a senior vice president in OPM-higher education management, as a multi-platinum music producer/songwriter, a top-selling book author, and a US Army combat medic. His mission is to impact measurable and sustainable change through technology adoption, disruptive innovation, and learner empowerment.