Amy Shilliday, CPTD

Amy Shilliday designs and delivers exceptional learning experiences for Expedia Group teams. She has been practicing in the L&D field for more than 20 years and is passionate about helping people become phenomenal communicators.

A lifelong world traveler, Amy is fascinated by how people in varying cultures learn, connect, and teach. She applies these valuable cultural lessons to her work to curate an empathetic and globally inclusive learner experience.

Amy leverages her down-to-earth facilitation style (and self-effacing humor) to coach an array of interpersonal communication topics including emotional intelligence, change management, conflict resolution, empathy, and a host of others aimed at helping people find more effective ways to work with one another. One of her favorite programs is a curriculum designed to improve business grammar and writing. She is a certified Insights® practitioner and loves helping others develop their innate superpowers while learning to speak other people’s communication “languages” more fluently.

Amy earned her CPLP (now CPTD) in 2017 and loves supporting others as they pursue their own credentialing journeys. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, touring Central Texas wineries, having hearty conversations with friends, dad jokes, and petting ALL the dogs.