Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is CEO of Herrmann International, the originators and trailblazers of Whole BrainThinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDIA). The company's primary subject matter expert, she applies the principles of Whole Brain Thinking to her varied responsibilities, including day-to-day leadership, strategic consulting, ongoing research, learning design, and speaking engagements. Ann's personal goal is to promote a better understanding of how people, teams, and organizations think and become more effective, as well as to enhance learning and communication approaches worldwide through the application and development of the Whole Brain System. She has worked with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and industries around the world, helping them increase their thinking agility to improve profitability, leadership, productivity, innovation, and overall business results. She has presented keynote addresses and leadership sessions for Fortune 100 corporations.