Ben Eubanks
Ben Eubanks is a speaker, author, and researcher living in Huntsville, Alabama. Eubanks is the chief research officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory and the author of Artificial Intelligence for HR: Use AI to Build a Successful Workforce.
Eubanks is an expert speaker on the future of work as it relates to talent, technology, and innovation. His speaking has reached over 100,000 business leaders in the last 10 years on physical and virtual stages.
His book on artificial intelligence debuted at the number 1 spot on the New and Noteworthy list on Amazon upon its release and has been referenced by dozens of researchers and businesses globally since its publication as the definitive guide to AI and machine learning applications for HR and talent.
Previously an HR executive for a global technology startup, he currently heads up research and operations at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, a human capital advisory services firm. He works with HR, talent, and learning leaders around the world to solve their most pressing business challenges with a research-based perspective tempered by practical, hands-on experience.
He has developed hundreds of reports, case studies, and other resources to support his life’s mission: Making HR better, one HR pro at a time. Eubanks is the founder of upstartHR, a blog that has touched the lives of more than 1 million business leaders since its inception, and he also hosts “We’re Only Human,” a podcast that examines the intersection of people and technology in the workplace. The podcast has featured guests from notable organizations like IBM, Emerson Electric, Southwest Airlines, and more.
Most importantly, he has four children, a wonderful wife of 10-plus years, and a preference for running in a variety of outlandish races for fun.