Bob Caporale

Bob Caporale is the founder of Strategy Generation Company, a training and coaching business that specializes in helping product managers, marketing managers, and business leaders become more intuitive strategic thinkers and planners. Bob is also the owner and founder of Rawls Creek Studios, a multimedia production company through which he hosts and produces two separate business-related podcasts – Dear Strategy and Making It Real – as well as the business-comedy video series Beyond The Beef.


Bob is the author of the book Creative Strategy Generation (McGraw-Hill) and is an acclaimed expert on the subject of creative strategic planning, which involves the use of creativity and intuition to develop business and personal strategies. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the world as a strategic facilitator and coach, and is an established speaker at industry tradeshows and corporate events. In addition to his business endeavors, Bob is also the composer and producer of the Theatre Of Life music project, which continues to fuel his passion for all things creative.


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