Brenda Forgione, CPTD

I have worked in Human Resources for more than 20 years, in roles ranging from Human Resources Director to my current role of Organizational Development Project Manager. I chose Human Resources and now my specialty of Organizational Development so I could have a positive impact on the lives of our employees, our patients, and our community. 

I believe that the “sweet spot” that makes employees successful is having the right combination of ability, motivation, and knowledge. Finding someone with the ability and motivation happens through effective selection and talent review practices. Knowledge is the one thing we can give any employee or new hire to help them grow. 

For most of my career I focused on selection and employee relations to help employees become successful. Now my focus is to find ways to help my organization grow through succession planning and targeted development, while helping individual contributors, managers and leaders through career pathing and competency-based development options. Our employees are what makes us different and makes us so strong, and investing in our people is critical to our continued success.

I enjoy learning about strategies, techniques and best practices in: Organizational Development, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement, Learning and Development, Career Pathing, Talent Reviews, and Coaching.