Brenda Kraner

Brenda Kraner is a learning and performance professional with over 30 years of experience improving individual, team, and organizational performance. She serves as the Program Director and Assistant Professor for the Master of Organizational Leadership at Wilmington College Cincinnati.

Her consulting business, Learn Grow Lead, LLC, gives her the opportunity to utilize her expertise in implementing employee engagement initiatives, leadership coaching, and the design and delivery of leadership and employee development programs within government and private sectors. 

Brenda earned her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in the field of Workforce Development and Education with a concentration in Human Resource Development. In addition, she has a M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Learning Technologies. 

Brenda excels in creating informative, interactive, and engaging training and educational programs both in face-to-face and remote environments.  Whether you are a student, employee, or organizational leader, Brenda’s passion for equipping others with what they need to realize their full potential and optimize their performance and productivity, is inspiring.