Bruce Mabee, CPTD

I've been a consultant and designer for 43 years, ten years as internal consultant and over 30 years external. I am also proud to be one of the original group of "Pilot Pioneers" in the ATD certification that is now the CPTD.

 The clients, over 135 organizations, include Walgreens, ConocoPhillips and Rush University Medical Center. Creative non-profits and government clients are sometimes amazing centers of agility and pragmatic innovation. Some of the greatest transformations I've consulted have been in an unexpected range of organizations: Working Bikes and Sacred Spaces International, the US Air Traffic Controllers, Motorola and the government of Scotland.

 A  degree in Industrial Design (U of Illinois at Urbana) pushed me early to prototype highly creative, systemic approaches. The MS in Organization Development (George Williams) instilled a deeper human sensitivity and agility to be woven into my work in innovative change.

 Teaching in nine graduate schools let me experience very different approaches to "leadership." Benedictine University, Lake Forest, and the University of Chicago are examples of quite diverse leadership playbooks.

 Some of my best learning now comes from being an evaluator. For 15 years, I've been a judge and reviewer in ADT's Excellence in Practice and BEST awards and the OD Network of Chicago's Impact Awards. I get to see what today's global "winners" do differently from the runner-ups.

 I've designed over a dozen tools that combine and enhance the iconic tools of leadership, design and change. What works? Making the best simpler to use under the pressures of each real organization.

I've been pulling together the simple agility of ten of the best leadership and innovation disciplines. This "Leadership 4.0" Operating System is the foundation of an upcoming short book on business innovation, The Impact Kit.