Cathy Stawarski

As the President of CStarsky Lifelong Learning LLC, Cathy provides instructional design services and delivers personal enrichment workshops. She has significant experience developing training evaluation strategies and data collection tools, collecting evaluation data, developing reports, and presenting results to key stakeholders.

Cathy is a Certified ROI Practitioner and is Kirkpatrick Bronze Certified.  She holds a PhD in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia and a Multimedia Development Certificate from George Mason University. Cathy co-authored “Evaluating mLearning” in the Handbook of Measuring and Evaluating Learning (P. Phillips, 2010) and “Data Collection: Planning and Collecting all Types of Data” in the Measurement and Evaluation Series: Comprehensive Tools to Measure the Training and Development Function in Your Organization (J. Phillips and P. Phillips, 2008).  Cathy has also presented at numerous professional conferences and participated on Program Advisory Committees for ATD ICE (2013) and the Training Officers Consortium Annual Institute (2015).