Cheryl Abram

Cheryl Abram is the owner of Ypifany, LLC, an executive development organization. She is also the lead learning designer and performance consultant for NuTek Education Systems. With over 12 years as an organization development specialist and a learning, development, and evaluation thought leader, Cheryl has created an innovative, world-shattering new approach to training program evaluation and learning program design that she is using to enrich and transform the learning and working landscape in the Cybersecurity domain. With truth-telling, systems theory and learner self-determination as the foundation, Cheryl’s learning and evaluation approach acknowledges the reality of complexity, change, and personal accountability while promoting principles of autonomy, authenticity, and freedom in learning.

Combining her knowledge and experience as an MSW, Quality Systems Management professional, precision mentor, project manager, life-long learner and “professional questioner”, Cheryl’s created and shared ideas around the globe. She has been interviewed by bloggers and social media personalities in Hungary, Australia, Canada, England and the United States. She has appeared on the cover of Cosozo Living Magazine, a wellness information and advocacy publication, and she was a keynote at the 2016 Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose, California.

Cheryl is dynamic speaker, mother, author, veteran, daughter and friend who through sharing and implementing her ideas “supports others as they learn, unlearn, and choose to continuously emerge into their wealth and possibilities”.