Christina Lorenzo
Christina Lorenzo is an award-winning creative medical education designer with extensive experience in medicine, science, multimedia, and adult learning that translates into innovative and effective learning solutions. She currently runs her own medical illustration business, Creative Med Ed Design, and works as a manager of game-based learning at the American College of Chest Physicians.

Lorenzo earned a master’s degree in biomedical visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in human physiology from Boston University. In between her academic studies, she gained a deep understanding of patient-centered care, surgical procedures, and multidisciplinary in-hospital teams through her career in clinical research in emergency medicine at Brigham and Women’s, cardiac electrophysiology at UC San Diego, and kidney transplantation at the California Institute of Renal Research. Lorenzo’s knack for efficiently onboarding principal investigators and fellows on exhaustive protocols and for developing techniques to ensure patient compliance was the catalyst for her to specialize in educating clinicians and patients and ultimately launch CME Design.

At the American College of Chest Physicians, Lorenzo is experimenting beyond the traditional boundaries of CME with bite-size, branching games and gamification techniques. Her passion is further fueled by her role as the liaison to the innovations subcommittee, with whom she collaborates to design and test new online learning techniques.

Lorenzo is a member of the ACCME, IACME, Learning Guild, and AMI and actively shares her best practices and expertise with fellow educators through think tanks, conference sessions, and webinars.