Christine Weaver-Crafton, CPTD

Christine Weaver-Crafton was born in California and raised throughout the United States and Germany as her family moved around quite a bit. She studied Business and Social Science at Liberty University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies and her MA in Instructional Technology from Univeristy of Alabama.  She resides outside Raleigh, North Carolina.  Christine started her career in Training in 1996 when her Director and Coach gave her the opportunity to break out of being an Administrative Assistant, and begin meeting with Medicare Supplemental recipients to understand how to utilize their insurance benefits. At that moment, the jigsaw pieces fit, and she realized Training Delivery and Instructional Design was not just a career, but a passion.  She now enjoys expanding on those roles incorporating coaching, performance improvement and all the areas that talent development includes.  In 2017 she pursued and completed her CPTD Certification.