Clayton Sinclair, III
As a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioner and leader, Clayton Sinclair, III has coached and advised thousands of professionals over the last 16 years through coaching, facilitated learning events, and enterprise-wide programs. A Certified Diversity Practitioner, Clayton has designed and led programs for corporate diversity councils and employee resource groups for companies across the United States looking to launch or propel their journeys to becoming a more inclusive and equitable environment. He is a subject matter expert in many areas related to DEI work including understanding group dynamics, having “crucial conversations”, the power of intersectionality, owning privilege, unconscious bias, becoming an “anti-racist”, alignment of intent/outcome, and more.

As director of DEI for Blue Ocean Brain, Clayton ensures that DEI knowledge and best practices are woven into their award-winning microlearning content. He also conducts webcasts and produces DEI specific works across a variety of topics.