Dana Alan Koch
Dana Alan Koch leads Accenture’s Institute for the Applied Learning Sciences, which studies cognitive, technological, and social aspects of learning. The team drives learning innovation in immersive technologies, gaming strategies, artificial intelligence, and chatbots. Dana served as an integral part of the company’s work in durable learning, learning strategy, and building better learners. He earned a BA from Brigham Young University in organizational communications and an MA from Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and has written articles for TD magazine , Chief Learning Officer magazine, and other publications. Dana was a contributing author to Leading the Learning Function (published in 2020) and the ATD Talent Foundations books (published in 2018). Dana served as chair of the ATD Forum Advisory Group in 2013 and 2014 and served on the ATD Public Policy Council and the editorial board of CTDO magazine. Dana co-hosts the Learning Geeks Podcast.