Deadra Welcome, CPTD


Founder and Principal Consultant

Author, Founder, and Principal Consultant of Concerning Learning LLC, Deadra Welcome, has had a life-long passion for learning. Knowing she had a desire to help others achieve their best, Deadra attended Howard University in preparation for a career that would enable her to serve others. She attended Howard University and later in 2010, she earned her Certified Professional in Talent Development credential from the Association for Talent Development. This was followed by her Kirkpatrick Bronze Level Evaluation Certification from Kirkpatrick Partners. Along with this, she received the Certified Professional in Training Management designation from Training Industry. In 2018, she earned the title of Certified MBTI Practitioner from the Myers-Briggs Foundation.

 In 2011, Deadra founded her training consulting business, Concerning Learning, LLC, where she utilizes her decades of experience by creating actionable and sustainable learning experiences for executives, managers, teams, and individuals in government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. Her passion for helping others learn, led Deadra open the Extraordinary Learning Academy in 2017 to train and coach other workplace learning professionals to improve their capacity to design, develop, and deliver instructionally-sound learning experiences and improve their effectiveness to manage their learning departments.


As an author, she shares her extensive knowledge of the principles of adult learning with her book titled, Don't Get Left Behind, an interactive journal that empowers readers to take charge of their own development. Outside of this, Deadra is a regular and sought-after contributor for organizations such as the Association for Talent Development, Training Industry, Management Concepts, Graduate School USA, and Training Officer’s Consortium.


In her quest for a fulfilling career, Deadra joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 1991 where she designed, delivered, and managed training programs in the Airways Facilities Office, Corporate Learning Services, and the Office of Security and Hazardous Materials. By 2007, she had transitioned to the position of Senior Program Manager for the US Department of Energy's Office of Learning and Workforce Development, before serving as the US Census Bureau's Chief of Current Surveys Training Branch to lead a team of Training Specialists in creating training that impacted the missions of many federal agencies. Lastly, in 2016, Deadra had joined the US Department of Transportation, where she worked in the Office of the Chief Information Officer as its Training Program Manager.


While working in the federal government for 27 years, Deadra created and implemented comprehensive mentoring, training evaluation, on-boarding, knowledge management, as well as employee and manager development programs, for thousands of employees. Whether the topic is business, human resources, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), or leadership development, Deadra's goal has always been to help individuals and teams achieve excellence for the optimal levels of organizational performance.


Her career journey continues to inspire others to “learn something new each day” which she models and encourages others to show up as their best by joining her learning revolution!