Hector Solano

Starting from the most recent:

Learning innovation: viability analysis and testing (customized learning frameworks, gamification, social learning, interactivity, learner experience, text to speech) since 2020

- Learning Delivery for corporate audiences (coaching, 1on1, groups, ILT, VILT) since 2012

Learning frameworks design since 2019

Curriculum design since 2017

- Project management for learning content production (tech writing, editing, audio/video recording, video editing) since 2015

- eLearning solutions development for eLearning (Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Platform) since 2015

- LMS administration since 2015

- Instructional Design: Bloom, ADDIE, SAM, since 2012

- Content development for eLearning (tech writing, presentation authoring, graphic design, audio production, music composing, narration, narration coaching, motion graphics, video recording, video editing) since 2012

- Learning Delivery for higher education (face to face, virtual, 1on1, groups, ILT, VILT) since 2012

- Learning Delivery for audiences ages 15 and up (face to face, 1on1, groups) since 2002


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