Ingeborg Kroese

Dr. Ingeborg Kroese is an international business leader with 15 years of commercial experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa.

Since 2006, she applies her knowledge about global commercial businesses in her training and coaching. Having lived and worked in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands, she has a truly global perspective. She develops and facilitates commercial, interpersonal and management/ leadership programmes in many different countries and cultures.

Ingeborg has personally experienced the importance of global diversity, inclusiveness and equal opportunities. For her personally, these are recurring themes, both in her professional and family life. That’s why she dedicates time and energy to conduct academic research on the equity of training and development, with a special interest in gender equity. The groundbreaking results and her train-the-trainer programs enable training organizers and their clients to ensure their training is equitable and inclusive. 

Ingeborg is director of Enhance Facilitation BV ( and can be reached at [email protected].