Janet Ahn
Dr. Janet Ahn is an experienced experimental social psychologist preparing some of the world’s biggest organizations for the challenges of tomorrow and believes in the power of behavioral science to transform lives and companies.

As the chief behavioral science officer at Mind Gym, Janet leverages her behavioral science expertise to lead Mind Gym’s global product innovation, research and development, and digital solutions expansion, including on topics such as how leaders can effectively manage teams in a hybrid workplace, organizational responsibility for individual employee wellbeing, management and leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Janet has built a portfolio of consulting, teaching, and research expertise in behavior change, motivation and persistence, goal pursuit, growth mindset, cognitive biases, inter-/intra- group/team dynamics, survey methods and assessment, experimental methods, statistics, and design. She is a sought-after speaker and subject matter expert at academic and industry conferences. Her work has also been featured in various media outlets such as Axios, Women’s Health Magazine, NPR, American Educator, Business Insider, CBS, and USA Today.