Jim Goodell

Jim Goodell is editor and lead author of the Learning Engineering toolkit, co-author of “Student-Centered Learning: Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning” and a thought leader in the world of learning engineering and data standards. He is Director of Innovation at Quality Information Partners, where he helps lead development of the US Department of Education sponsored Common Education Data Standards. He is Chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, chairs the IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG, the IEEE Competency Data Standards Workgroup, the Adaptive Instructional Systems Interoperability Workgroup, and serves on the ICICLE Steering Committee. He supports the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s T3 Innovation Network and co-led development of the Learning and Employment Record (LER) Wrapper Specification. Prior to QIP, he was Executive Vice President at the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology where he led the development of interactive learning technologies and provided information-driven process improvement solutions to state education agencies and school districts throughout the United States. Prior to that he developed courseware and interactive experiences for Adobe, Lotus (IBM), DIgital (HP), and Fidelity.