Joe Ganci
Joe Ganci is President of eLearningJoe, LLC, a custom learning company located outside Washington. D.C. Since 1983, he has been involved in every aspect of learning development. Joe holds a degree in Computer Science and writes books and articles about eLearning.   Joe is a frequent teacher and presenter at industry conferences and at client sites, especially on the subject of eLearning development tools. He has delivered keynote speeches all over North America, Europe and Asia. His tool reviews are published monthly and he has received several awards for his work in eLearning, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 and the eLearning GuildMaster Award in 2013. His mission is to improve the quality of eLearning with practical approaches that work.   Mr. Ganci works with organizations worldwide to assist in their quest to improve their productivity and increase their revenue by ensuring their employees learn and retain what they must know to perform at their highest levels. His consultancy covers all aspects of eLearning analysis, design, development, and evaluation. Joe understands technology and is an expert in many eLearning development tools. In fact, Joe frequently trains groups at their places of business. His clients have awarded him several letters of recommendation.   Joe loves languages. He is a native English speaker and also speaks Italian fluently. He knows French, German, Spanish and Russian to varying degrees and practices as often as possible.
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