Jonathan Rock

Jonathan Rock is a GMP training specialist and instructional designer in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. He is passionate about bringing compassion, humor, and surprise to compliance training. As an LMS administrator and e-learning developer for the past nine years, Jonathan has worked with various technologies including AICC, SCORM, and xAPI to capture and report learning events to defend his colleagues’ qualifications in regulatory inspections.

Jonathan has experience designing, and building a team of trainers to deliver: new employee orientation, soft skills, and train-the-trainer courses. He has taken part in several xAPI cohorts, developing a K—12 environmental teaching game in the Unity 2D game engine, as well as tracking player choices in table-top roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons using xAPI statements.

He has spoken at local ATD events on the topics of creating your own background art and sprites for e-learning (using PowerPoint) and where to find open source and free art and music assets to build game-based e-learning.

Jonathan has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education (English) and an MBA from Western Michigan University. He loves harnessing the power of storytelling to form lasting memory and the use of video game mechanics to make compliance training engaging, challenging, and memorable.

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