Julian Stodd
Julian Stodd is a researcher, writer, artist, and explorer of the Social Age. He is the founder and Captain at Sea Salt Learning, a global consultancy.

His work explores the context of the Social Age, a time of radical connectivity and social transformation, and takes an evidence-based approach to what that means for leadership, learning, culture, innovation, and change.

Stodd’s work around social leadership—leading at the intersection of formal and social systems—and social learning has been influential in organizations worldwide, including Apple, Google, Nokia, SABIC, the Red Cross, and Novartis, and within various militaries and government agencies as well as the World Health Organization (where he sits as a special advisor on learning strategy).

His work is research led, evidence informed, and held in a principle of #WorkingOutLoud, shared, always evolving, and highly imperfect.

Stodd has written 17 books, including key research-based pieces such as The Trust Guidebook and The Community Builder Guidebook, as well as broader texts such as The Social Leadership Handbook and The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design. He has also contributed core chapters to publications such as the US government-published Modernizing Learning collection as well as more than 2,000 blog posts and articles.

Stodd teaches on the University of Pennsylvania’s doctoral chief learning officer program, the Berlin School of Creative Leadership’s MBA, and Mazars University’s executive MBA.