Karin Rex

GeekyGirl Karin Rex is an innovative and experienced professional in the fields of instructional design and virtual facilitation. With a remarkable track record spanning over 25 years with a global clientele, Karin brings a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and passion for delivering transformative learning experiences. As a professional facilitator specializing in virtual classroom delivery and an instructional designer/developer focused on e-learning and virtual classroom designs, Karin's commitment to excellence shines through in her ability to create engaging and appealing learning experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of virtual platforms and authoring tools, Karin's expertise ensures seamless transitions from face-to-face training to the virtual realm, providing organizations with captivating and impactful learning solutions that deliver true learning transfer and retention.

Karin works closely with ATD as a facilitator teaching numerous certificate programs, and also as an instructional designer. In fact, Karin helped redesign more than 30 of ATD's face-to-face certificate courses for the virtual classroom. She also created a certificate program for ATD on the topic of Writing for Instructional Design and Training. Karin frequently speaks at the ATD International Conferences as well.

A writer at heart, Karin is a certified synchronous facilitator, designer, and producer (InSync Training) with a master’s degree in professional writing (Chatham University). She is also a COPT (Certified Online Training Professional) and a Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance). A WDW fanatic, Karin has lived in nearby Celebration FL since 2022. She started her business GeekyGirl, LLC in Philadelphia in 1989 (karinrex.com).

On the personal side, Karin is an avid knitter who LOVES riding her Peloton (her leaderboard name is GeekyGirlRex).

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