Kassy LaBorie
Kassy LaBorie is founder and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting LLC. She is a virtual classroom master trainer, specializing in developing trainers to be engaging and effective when facilitating programs in Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, and other online platforms. She has worked with many Fortune 500 firms in a wide range of industries and sectors, including hospitality, pharmaceuticals, energy, government, NGOs, and nonprofits.

She trains and coaches producers, the virtual classroom trainer’s partner in effective facilitation, as well as instructional designers tasked with creating or converting content for virtual classroom delivery. Kassy also advises learning and development leaders in areas like virtual classroom strategy, technology selection, logistics, and more. She has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations, learning teams, and training professionals successfully
move to the virtual environment.

Since 2008, she has participated in more than 100 industry conferences as a speaker, expert panelist, and workshop trainer. Kassy is a regular presenter at such events as ATD’s International Conference & EXPO, ATD TechKnowledge, Training Magazine’s conference, TechLearn, Learning Solutions, and DevLearn.

Prior to launching her consulting practice, Kassy was the director of virtual training services at Dale Carnegie Training, a consulting service that partners with organizations to help them develop successful online training strategies. She was also the product design architect responsible for developing the company’s live online training product and experience, which grew to be a $4 million dollar business in only a few years.

Kassy has also worked as an independent master virtual trainer, a Microsoft software trainer, and a senior trainer at Webex, where she helped build and deliver
training at the Webex University. Kassy is co-author of Interact and Engage! 75+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars (Second Edition, ATD Press, 2022) , and is also author of Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars: Master the Technology to Engage Participants (ATD Press, 2021). She is also the author of The Virtual Trainer’s Guide to Becoming a Hero, which is available for download on her website. You can learn more about Kassy by visiting kassyconsulting.com/about.