Kelly Detommaso

Hi all,

My name is Kelly DeTommaso. I live in southeastern, PA during the spring, summer and fall and southeastern FL in the winter.

I work at Merck & Co., Inc. I've been in L&D for ~30 years and with Merck for more than 22 of those years. I am in a new role within our organization called a Learning Architect. I enrolled in this certification program to refresh my knowledge on HPT and enhance my skills at getting to the root causes to solve business challenges to support me and my team as we architect holistic solutions to meet the business needs.

Fun fact about me, I started my professional career as a hair dresser right out of high school (which came in handy during the pandemic!). My son is 22 years old and nobody has ever cut his hair but me :-)  I have two adult children, Leah (24) & Michael (22), one furbaby named Keona (12) and have been married to my very supportive husband for 29+ years. 

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