Kim Seeling Smith
Future of Work expert Kim Seeling Smith is a master storyteller, trend translator, frequent media commentator and author that helps business leaders build and retain the right team to achieve their business goals - one of the biggest challenges in the post-Covid world.

She has literally had a seat at the table with Sir Richard Branson, launched her book, Mind Reading for Managers at SXSW, co-wrote a book with mega author Brian Tracy, was named one of the Top 101 Global Influencers on Employee Engagement and was one of the few non-technical presenters to be included in the 2020 Atlassian Summit as Covid forced it to move from live to online.

A recovering, KPMG trained CPA, Kim has run an internationally recognized consulting firm since 2009. Prior to that she managed globally ranked recruitment teams and has personally conducted over 5,000 exit interviews.

You will frequently see Kim on Sunrise, The Today Show, in Forbes, Fast Company, SmartCompany, CEO Magazine, CNBC Online, the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and many other print and radio media outlets.