Marigrace McKay

My ATD Certified Professional in Talent Development (12 year s of renewals, since CPLP) credential has been invaluable to my career.

I design and implement customized, innovative and programmatic workplace solutions - starting with qualitative data.

By expertly employing the ISD model, I have successfully implemented strategic business plans, exceeded commercial and operational objectives, and sparked employee growth mindsets to extraordinary financial and cultural results.

Breakthroughs in Talent Management, Workforce Development and Management, Education for Performance and Productivity have been beneficial to clients and employers alike. 

Positive results in employee retention, win-back recruitment, and new organization structures, startups, re-shaping, and transformation with competency modeling, vision, mission and values alignment.

Engagement results include operational impact such as, 3-Sigma Learner Effectiveness, $M productivity and $M cost savings.

Workplace Learning is a powerful competitive differentiator that I love to design and lead.

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