Megan McManus

After many years working in marketing, I was lucky to discover the intersection of my talents and deep passions: training and development. I'm one of those people who has always been able to see the potential in others and inspire them to see it, too, so it was no surprise that I fell in love with training while working for PennWell Corporation; my role and team were integral to a multi-year, company-wide training effort.

How much did I love it? Enough to quit my steady corporate marketing job so I could go back to school full time for it! Nowadays, I'm running a consultancy (my 8+ year side hustle is now my main hustle) while pursuing a master's degree in Leadership & Human Resource Development from LSU. In my consulting work, I mostly work with marketing agencies, professional services firms, HR departments and IT departments in creating and facilitating custom trainings, communications strategies and content, marketing and recruitment messaging, PR campaigns and brand research.

But how does my marketing experience transfer into the world of learning and development? Working for full-service marketing agencies most of my career allowed me to work with the c-suite, manage projects and execute strategies and tactics for hundreds of clients. From customer service, to needs assessments, to content creation, I've done it all. In that time I've created, facilitated and evaluated dozens of trainings and workshops, too (and I've since earned my ATD certificate in Instructional Design).

Anyone who has ever interacted with me at work (clients, coworkers, managers) will tell you I’m fun to work with, boundlessly energetic and unstoppable when I’m passionate about a project. I can’t wait to bring that energy into my clients' projects and teams. I'm enjoying being my own boss while growing the training side of my business and attending graduate school full time.