Michelle Reina
Michelle Reina, PhD, is co-founder of Reina Trust Building, a global firm specializing in transforming workplaces—and lives—through trust. Reina’s focus for 30 years has been researching trust and developing practical methodologies and tools to assess and measurably strengthen trust in workplace relationships.

Leaders, teams, and organizations such as American Express, Ben & Jerry’s, Center for Creative Leadership, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Harvard University, Johnson & Johnson, Lincoln Financial Group, Miller Coors, Nokia, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting (CNN), Voya Financial, VISA, Yale University, Walt Disney World, and the US Army and Treasury Departments have leveraged Reina’s comprehensive trust-building system. Through consulting, speaking, training, and coaching, Reina supports people not only to build trust but also to rebuild trust, regain happiness and joy, and work productively again in relationships where trust has been compromised.

Reina’s work is based upon an underlying premise that all business is conducted via relationships, and trust is the core foundation to effective relationships that produce results and forge human connection.
Reina believes that all people want, need and deserve to have trust in their relationships with others, and in themselves.

Reina and her husband, Dennis Reina, are co-authors of two business bestselling books: Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace, 3rd edition and Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace.