Michelle Webb

I am a Learning Discipline Manager focused on identifying, creating, and promoting the future of learning at Accenture. At Accenture, our employees are our competitive advantage and as such, it is critical that we develop the capabilities of our workforce in ways that put our people in the best position possible for access. In my position, my major focus areas currently are on learning innovations, blended learning, gamification, business simulations and Design Thinking. I look forward to connecting with you! 


 A bit about my group…


The Learning Discipline team focuses on all aspects of learning – strategy, architecture, innovation, and measurement. We support L&TD teams in driving the best learning solutions and approaches to meet their particular learning needs. We maintain a repository of learning architectures, decision making tools, and industry research. Our team conducts original learning research and we have access to a variety of industry research reports and benchmarking resources. Our team of experts keep informed on learning trends and help drive learning innovation.

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