Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson started his formal design training at the Baltimore School for the Arts. After four years of fine arts education, he attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Digital Arts Program. Upon graduation he was hired as a graphic designer at a medical training company, where he was promoted to art director. Using his knowledge and understanding of visual communication, Mike has supported trial attorneys and created ad campaigns, tutorials, corporate briefings, Web portals, medical training software, and more. In 1999, he was invited to become part owner of 24 Hour Company (—a design firm specializing in proposal support. Mike leveraged his design experience to help his partners transform the company into an industry leader.

Mike also founded Billion Dollar Graphics ( to teach business professionals the process for creating successful graphics. Through Billion Dollar Graphics (BDG), he has become an internationally recognized visual communication and presentation guru, solution and strategy expert, author, and trainer. He is a key contributor on multi-billion dollar projects and helps Fortune 500 companies improve their success rates through visual communication.

Mike authored the first and only book series—Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics—that shows business, technical, and design professionals how to turn their ideas into clear, communicative, compelling business graphics. With his book, BDG blog, industry articles, webinars, and workshops, Mike shares the secrets to visualizing data, information, and solutions.