Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor directs learning technology and online learning at Mindset Digital in Columbus, Ohio. He has over 20 years of experience successfully developing and deploying a wide variety of learning strategies and technologies. Mike holds an MBA degree from Ohio University and a master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology from San Diego State University.


Like you, Mike has seen the best approaches for learning presented numerous ways over the years. Is it eLearning, microlearning, informal learning, or any of a host of other buzzwords? Video? Mobile? Is it all about social learning? Is it best when centralized or distributed? Or, is there a different story?


With over two decades of designing learning, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience, his view is radically different.  Mike appreciates and shares with listeners, that there are a set of scientifically proven principles for how people learn. Learning is not about the latest fad or a trendy new tool. Most importantly, learning is for everyone, every day. It's how we should live our life.

Known for his practical, street-savvy style; Mike’s fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques connect with his audience inviting them to lean in for a memorable experience. He is a regular and highly rated speaker at industry events and curates the best of the learning, design and technology community on his website www.mike-taylor.org

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