Mohamed Bahgat
Mohamed M. Bahgat is the founder and CEO of SeGa Group. He is the author of FIRST Framework and an ATD-certified international facilitator. He is also the author of Introduction to GAMIFICATION for Learner eXperience and Manager as a COACH. He was also co-author of the guide “L&D Models Digest.”

In 2014, he was selected and certified by ATD to be part of the global facilitation team to facilitate their learning programs, mainly the Corporate Coaching Certificate and others.

In May 2016, Bahgat was chosen as ATD Middle East conference chairman in Dubai. The same year, he presented his paper “Gamification and Gaming in Coach Training” at the ACTO Conference in the US.

He presented a session at the ATD 2017 International Conference & EXPO titled FIRST LXF, Learner eXperience Facilitation. He also contributed to a panel about training trends in the Middle East at ATD17.

In 2017, Bahgat was a global board member of the Association of Coaches and Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).

Also in 2017, Bahgat published his book FIRST Framework, 5 Domains 15 Principles: Design & Facilitate Active Deep Learner eXperience. This book is for learning professionals, facilitators, and designers to acquire a new perspective and a new framework where the learner is the center of the process. This book has been introduced by B. Joseph Pine II, author of The Experience Economy, and Roy V.H. Pollock, DVM, PhD, author of The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning.

In 2018, Bahgat and a research team published “FIRST Framework Design and Facilitate Active Deep Learner eXperience,” a research paper in the Journal of Education and Training Studies. He presented a session at the ATD 2018 International Conference & EXPO titled LXD (Learner eXperience Design) Using Design Maps for Active Deep Learner eXperience.

In 2020, he presented a session at the Learning Experience Design Conference (LXDCON). The session was titled Humanizing the Education Machine Using FIRST-ADLX Framework.

Bahgat is certified by various institutions across the globe. He is the only person in the Middle East to be certified by NASAGA (North America Simulation and Gaming Association) in educational game design. Also, Bahgat is the only current certified facilitator in the Middle East from Thiagi Group USA, the leading approach to interactive training strategies and game-based learning.

In 2015, Baghat became a GALLUP-certified strengths coach and received the certification of Sententia Gamification for talent development level 2. He is eligible to certify others on level 1 as well. He is also a 6Ds certified facilitator.

Bahgat has 25 years of experience in the informal education field and has provided training, people development, coaching, and consulting for the past 20 years to regional and international organizations. This has given him international exposure and allowed him to work with more than 25 nationalities.

In 2014, Baghat founded SeGa Group, a US-established LLC, as a global research-based social enterprise in talent development consultancy. It is a social impact business with a mission to “Develop Human Developers” with an Active Deep learner eXperience approach.

Mohamed M. Bahgat originally studied systems engineering and graduated in 1998.
He broadened his academic studies by studying business management starting in 2002. Afterward, he finished two academic diplomas in education and psychology counseling.


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