Myra Roldan

Myra Roldan is a talented technologist, a TEDx speaker, an author, and an international public speaker. She is widely regarded as an important source of information about new and emerging technologies. She brings in a unique mix of technical, business, and learning experience innovation to the field of adult education and competency development.

While she is well-respected for her innovative thinking and superior leadership abilities, Myra champions change within higher education as a digital transformation leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizing around technical skill competencies to expand a global standard and foster diversity and inclusiveness, devising techniques for various types of academic programs at scale globally, and managing projects around the world’s largest educational network, driving success for learners and educators while creating a skilled and dynamic technical talent pipeline.

Over the course of her 10 years as a public speaker, Myra has presented talks on curation, augmented and virtual reality, voice, AI, and design. More recently, she has focused on the two relatively new topics, artificial intelligence/machine learning and design thinking. Some of her other abilities include the natural ability to distill concepts into ones that are more easily handled along with making concepts and issues simpler by breaking them down into their individual parts.

Myra has a bachelor of science degree in information technology, a master of education, and an MBA. She is deeply invested in advancing and improving the well-being of communities that have traditionally been denied a seat at the table, helping individuals, and raising the expectations of their own potential. She is the mother of three daughters and tries to set a good example for them by living with intention, empathy, and compassion.