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Good Day, All,

I am Rick Barber, Boston-born & raised; moved to McKinney, TX from Rhode Island to begin my Photography Business as FinestFotos which continues today; more recently, I have been Shooting Executive Headshots.

Moving forward, I became aware having a strong Clinical Social Work background along with Management Consulting, I soon realized I was not contributing to my full potential, so, I decided to rebrand myself as a Mindful/Motivational Coach, which I am very excited about, to also include Leadership Development & Training.

 Lastl do not underestimate the capacity for Mindfulness to influence the Workplace! There is much Research to suggest the impact of "Mindfulness" affecting the overall ROI! To reinforce this background, I have enrolled in the Mindfulness Teaching Certificate program of and with Sean Fargo to promote it even more! 

Mindfulness is no longer the "Woo-Woo" term of the Past! Workplaces across the board are benefitting from Mindfulness programs! Being and having the presence of Mind with Curiosity, without Judgment, while expressing a loving Kindness of Compassion & Self-Compassion is needed on a large scale, lest we minimize the need for a more focused Resilient Workplace.


                                  It was recommended I join TDDallas which has been a real eye opener; I have discovered Daniel Goleman and Emotional Intelligence and have already read 2 of his books and now on my third book, the "The Power of Social Intelligence"!I look forward to engaging many Members via Volunteering at TDDallas events and setting many new Goals this coming year & the next.

I am available for new Coaching Clients; I assist Business Clients with: Resolving Team Issues affecting the ROI, overall Communication issues, helping CEO's to discover who has what Leadership issues and how to better place them into your organization rather than suffering the costly expense of firing them! That is why Coaching is needed from Top to Bottom.

I have had Public Speaking Engagements @ Collin College in Frisco, TX, @ Texas Woman's University & St Gabriel's Catholic Church in McKinney, TX.; I look forward to future Speaking Engagements.

Currently I am a Volunteer/Member of ATD Dallas; see my Podcasts @: 


I am also now a Senior Power Member of www.TD.org as of 12/22/2020.

In giving back to the Community, I have been a Volunteer Coach at:

  wwww.StJudeCareerAlliance.com in Allen, T




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