Rick Barber

Good Day, All,


I am Rick Barber, Boston-born & raised; moved to McKinney, TX from Rhode Island to begin my Photography Business as FinestFotos which continues today; I have shot with many Busineses, inclusive of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

Moving forward, I became aware having a strong Clinical Social Work background along with Management Consulting; I soon realized I was not contributing to my full potential, so, I decided to rebrand myself as a Mindful/Motivational Coach, which I am very excited about, to also include Leadership Development & Training.

It was recommended I join TDDallas which has been a real eye opener; I have discovered Daniel Goleman and Emotional Intelligence and have already read 2 of his books and now on my third book, the "The Power of Social Intelligence"!


I look forward to engaging many Members via Volunteering at TDDallas events and setting many new Goals this coming year & the next.

I am available for New Coaching Clients as well as pursuing Public Speaking Events.



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