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Rita Bailey                       


When asked what my business is, the reply,  “The People Business”.

My personal mission - "To help People and Organizations maximize their potential and reach their goals." 

Background Summary

As a corporate leader, consultant, coach and entrepreneur, I have a lot of information to share.

  • ·      25 year Career at Southwest Airlines – leadership in Sales, Marketing, HR, Education
  • ·      10 years as Founder/CEO of QVF Partners, LLC – Consulting and Speaking
  • ·      4 Years on ASTD (now ATD National Board) – 2005 Chair
  • ·      ATD Facilitator – Managing Learning Programs
  • ·      Served on several advisory boards and committees
  • ·      Author- “Destination Profit, Creating People-Profit Opportunities in your Organization”
  • ·      Traveled to 37 countries sharing what and how to messages for people-profit results
  • ·      SMU Cox School of Business - Contributor/Facilitator Corporate Leadership
  • ·      Develops Executive Immersion programs for transformational change


Having worked in different countries and industries, including healthcare, pharma, tech, energy, finance, and service, I find that the common denominator is  “People”. No matter the culture, industry, or demographics, people want to know they are valued, and they have opportunities for growth, development and advancement.



As Founder of Up To Something, LLC, my goal is to illuminate people who are leading initiatives, organizations or projects that are making a difference and connect them with other people and resources that can help them accomplish their goals. 

Develop a plan, Grow the business or Expand your audience?

If you are seeking effective ways to develop people, engage customers and implement organizational strategies, let us provide tools and resources to meet your specific needs.  



Rita Bailey, Founder

Up To Something, LLC

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