Rob Scott

I'm Rob Scott, the Director for Team Member Experience at Centra Credit Union.  I've been with Centra since January 2016.  I was with my prior employer for 20+ years.  I often descibe my job to people as my "dream job."  I have 21 years experience in the financial industry focusing on people management, training, developing and finding ways to partner people and business. 

My passions in life are my beautiful wife and best friend, my incredible 3 daughters and my amazing son-in-law who reminds me so much of my younger self.

I am currently learning more than I could have ever thought and have the opportunity to put into practice my skills in training, instructional design, relationship building and facilitating learning.

I am working to build deeper skills in Training ROI, Instructional Design, eLearning and strategic planning and thinking.  I am humbled every day as I recall a very wonderful friend telling me, "the longer I'm here, the less I know."  Change is inevitable and I thrive on change. 

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