Saul Carliner
Associate Professor, Concordia University Department of Education

Saul Carliner is an associate professor, provost's fellow for digital learning, and director of the education doctoral program at Concordia University in Montreal. Also an industry consultant, he has provided strategic planning and evaluation services for organizations in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe, including Alltel Wireless, Boston Scientific, AT&T, Equitas, IBM, Microsoft, ST Microelectronics Turkish Management Centre, Wachovia, and several U.S. and Canadian government agencies. Among Saul’s 200 publications are the new edition of the bestselling ATD book Training Design Basics and the international-award-winning Informal Learning Basics. He is a fellow of the Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly the Canadian Society for Training and Development), a past research fellow of ATD, and a fellow and past international president of the Society for Technical Communication. 

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